M/S Hulda


“His dream was to bring his ship (Hulda) to the Mediterranean …. But he thought that it would be difficult to find eight people for the journey that would take a whole year.”
—Ilhan Koman’s friend, Turkish artist Behçet Sefa in a personal interview about Ilhan Koman.
The boat M/S Hulda, where Ilhan Koman lived with his family for twenty years and had his workshop, is a 2-mast schooner, a Baltic trader and cargo ship built at the Sjotorps shipyard in Sweden in 1905.

The boat was acquired by Ilhan Koman in 1965 and restored according to his need. The artist renovated the boat’s interior which was originally designed for cargo and made it into his home. M/S Hulda was anchored in Drottningholm Royal Port (Stockholm/Sweden) until her trip for the Hulda Festival and is officially classified in Sweden as a historical monument.

The boat has been renovated and restored for the purposes of the trip and Hulda Festival. After the completion of the festival she will remain a travelling cultural and scientific centre operating from Turkey.

Technical Aspects

Length: 26 m
Breadth: 6.70 m
Draught: 2.70 m
Displacement: 185 tons
Sail area: 375 m2